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  Ive  Been rewatching  my  Zim dvds,    that put me into the mood  to rp  Invader Zim aka  ZADR.  I  don't  care  who I be.  I can   be  either, I would most likely be better at Zim. =)    We    can  plot over  notes  or  Skype. If you want my Skype  please  not me  =)
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Makayla Du Lac  Griffindor by Meg1
Makayla Du Lac Griffindor
I made this  by using the   Hogwarts  creator.  Which I don't own  at all…

Makayla Du Lac  is my  merlin  oc, she is   Lancelot and Gwen's  daughter and youngest  child. The cat is  their pet Stacy ( who also my oc)
Christmas time  in The  Bunker

Notes:  This  the frist  gift  for my good friend Katie ^^  Its  BBC Merlin AU, SPNish theme.  Merlin  and Gwaine  are brother and Lance thier best friend, pretty much the thrid  brother.

Declaimer:  I dont own BBC Merlin or SPN

Merry Christmas!  Enjoy ^_^  So sorry this  is  so late  D:

Merlin has his head   on the table  on  one of    the large  books. He was sound to sleep. He never  liked this time  of  year  wasn't because he hated  Christmas, always  made him think of Arthur.    It was Christmas when Arthur had asked Merlin to marry him  but if  wasnt  for   the demon Terry they could have had  that  happy ending.

Gwaine  walks  into the room  with  yawn. He notices his  brother and smirk  appears  on  the older brother's  face. Merlin always  was  always  grumpy and sad  around  this time  of year.  Gwaine  had  to   find  a way to change this.  He   grabs the  santa   hat  off  the hall table and walks over placing on his  sleeping  brother's head.

" Gwaine...  dont  you think you should let him sleep" Lancelot said as he  comes  into the room. "  He  stay up way too late... more  so  as of late"  He frowns.  

" You worry too much Lancey boy" Gwaine pokes  his friend  in the cheek as he walks  past  him." I however have  some plotting  to do"

" Why  do  I have  bad  feeling about that" Lance frowns as he follows him  off.

" Have   some faith in me  my friend" Gwaine grins widely  at him.

Lance  walks  over  to the stove  top and place   tea pot on  it and turns to face the oldest Emrys brother." What  would your idea  be  about?" he asked and raised eye brow as he glances  at  him.

Gwaine grabs  an apple and takes large  bite out of  it.  He  chews  with his mouth open as he starts to talk." We have Christmas for Merlin" He said.  

"Frist  off Manners  Gwaine,  second  that's a great idea" Lancelot says as he  looks away from Gwaine who was still  eating with his mouth open. This time to   only  bug Lancelot, and Lance  knew he was.

"Yes Mother" Gwaine smirks  and  steps closer." Yes my  idea  its great! But I need your help to make it work".

"Okay but your  going have tell me what it is" Lancelot  points  out. He glances  into the  othe room  at Merlin who still slept  at the table with his head on book. " Is  it  about  Your brother?".

" Yes Sherlock  it  is" Gwaine smirks.

Lancelot  rolled his eyes . " Well??  Spit it out" He sneers.

" Merlin  never   spends  any  time  on Christmas  anymore.." Gwaine says  to  him.

" I notice that...I    asked him what  he wanted  to  do  for Christmas  and  he  said  he was  too busy" Lancelot rubbed  back his neck.  " What does  Merlin  have agaaisnt  Christmas?"

"Well Merlin and I  never  really  had   real  christmas before...  We were  always   on the road as kids.  I  tried  some  times.. I stole   gifts  from the store  or  had    Gaius  buy stuff" Gwaine  explians." Wasn't the same... Merlin wanted  so much to be normal, he begged  Dad  have  normal christmas,  to  come  home for it... so many times  dad  dispointed him" Gwaine  frowns sadly.

Lancelot  looks sadly.  "Im  sorrry Gwaine" He says and touchs his arm.

Gwaine shurgs  it off. "  This  first  year without Arthur....Merlin's collge boyfriend...  Arthur  asked him last  year marry him... on Christmas.... before he died  ".

Lancelot  frowns.  So  would  be  why Merlin so cold  during this time  of the year. He remember   how   Gwaine explain before  Merlin wanted  so much to be normal. Seeing now Merlin felt  like  missed the chance  but  most of  all  lost somone  he  loved  deeply.

"We got to  make it  one the best  Christmas  Merlin could ever have" Lance  says and  nods."     Good food and  gifts  "

"   Just  my plan" Gwaine smiled and nods.

"Then  we have work to do" Lance   grabs his  jacket and  throws  on himself." Come on!  If you dont  hurry  I will be driveing your car!" he teases  his  friend and rushes to  the   front door.

"  Not  over my   dead body  you are!" Gwaine smirks throwing on his own  jacket. He  rushes    after his friend.

Lance  laughs and  nearly reaches the   car when Gwaine  tackles  him  to  the ground. " Baby" He smirks." Now get off  of me".

" Say uncle" Gwaine smirks as he  pins him down.

"Do...I even want to know.." Merlin says as he stood  in the door way.  With tried look  on his face. " Wait don't  answer  that.. I don't want to know.." He turns  to walk  back  into the bunker.

Lance  side kicks Gwaine  off him  and smirks. "  Even if I tried to drive  your   car, you would kill me" He laughs.

" Danm right I would  dude" Gwaine smirks.

" You know  Im surpised  your  not married   to your car" Lance teases him as he gets  up to his feet. He dust off himself  off.  He  helps Gwaine  back  up to his feet.

Gwaine  pets   his  car. " Your  just jealous  dude" He says as he gets into the driver's seat.

Lance  just laughed  again  as he gets  into the  passenerside of the car. " Yea sure  Man" he said.

With   Lance and Gwaine  out, Merlin  walks  down  the hall way to his bedroom.  His  young  three year old dog Bruce  and  Older dog Blaze  follow Merlin down the hall.

Merlin laid  himself  down on his bed and  feels both dogs  snuggle   up next to him  on the bed.

Few  hours  later  go  by  before Merlin  wakes  up hearing movement into the livingroom.    Merlin yawns and  just  throws  the blanket over his head.  Trying his best to  fall to sleep  but Bruce  had other plans by licking him on his face.

"Okay  bud, Im  up"Merlin laughs  slightly as he  pulls himself  up so that he was  sitting up. He wipes the dog  spit off  his face.

Merlin pets  both  Blaze and Bruce  on thier head before  he gets  out  of the bed. He  slowly walks  out  down the hall towards the  living room.

Merlin covers  his mouth as he  yawns   as he  enters  the living room. He stopes  and stares  as  he enters the living room.

There  in the  middle the  room was small  pine   tree covered  in red and green glass blubs.  Golden  star  rest on top of the small tree.   They never had tree  before  why  now?

Merlin walks  towards the tree  to get better  look.    Thats was when hears  his brother speaking.

"What  did  you think baby brother?" Gwaine asked and smiled.

"We  thought  you may  like  it" Lance  added in and smiled   as well.  

" You two did  this....? For me?" Merlin  asked as he stares  at them both.

" That's  not all" Gwaine hands  Merlin   gift. " Go on  open it".

Merlin  opens the  gift and stares  at the frame photo  of himself  and Arthur  at  New York  City together.  Photo  he  thought he  had lost.  Tears  fill  his eyes.  "  How did you  find   it?" Merlin  asked.

" I came   cross  it  one  day while  going through some  of  our  old  books..." Gwaine explains." Lance and I  framed  it"

"We thought  you would  love it" Lance  adds  in and pulled Merlin into hug.

Gwaine  smiled and  hugs them  both as well " Merry Christmas  guys"  Gwaine  says.
Christmas in the Bunker

Christmas time  in The  Bunker

Notes:  This  the frist  gift  for my good friend Katie ^^  Its  BBC Merlin AU, SPNish theme.  Merlin  and Gwaine  are brother and Lance thier best friend, pretty much the thrid  brother.

Declaimer:  I dont own BBC Merlin or SPN

Merry Christmas!  Enjoy ^_^  So sorry this  is  so late  D:


I just  saw the third movie^^ Love it!   Larry  holding Ahk momments!!! =D  <3 <3  Yes  course the JedxOctie   too ^^

I really wanted  to  rp  LarryxAhk  and Jedx Octavius.   I could be Larry and Jed.  No  ocs  Im sorry I looking for canon  Rp  for now.

Plot we can  come    up with them ^^ AUs are  always  fun too
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The Kiss  of  Prince

Notes: This  for  Merlin Scrert Santa  group.  This  Merthur  one-shot

Declaimer:  I dont  own  BBC Merlin.

Merry Christmas  ^_^!  Enjoy!  ^_^

His  work  load  was heavy   but  his heart  was  soft.  The  servant  to the  young Prince  quitely does what expect of him  for  that day, no matter what.   He was tried would  much rather rest  but he knew well  any other servant  this cant be.  

"Are you still cleaning?"  Arthur  asked as he enters the room with his arms crossed.  He  watches Merlin as his servant was on his hands and knees  scrubing  the  floor  of the Prince's bed chambers.

" Whats  it look like   Prat" Merlin teases him as he glances up slightly at him.

"Heh,  I can see that.. Slow as always Merlin" Arthur sneers as he  walks  over. He bends  down and pokes Merlin in the cheek. "  Im bored"

"  Dont you have   Duties   to  get done sire?" Merlin  raised eye   brow  at Arthur.

" No" The Prince stated simply.  He  sighed and  graps Merlin's raven  colored hair.

"Ow you prat that hurts" Merlin winces  with a glare.

" Shut  up Merlin"  Arthur smirks. He pulls  Merlin's head closer.  He didnt care when  he   sees  the look of  protest  on his servant's pale  face.  Arthur  moves  closer  and presses  kiss  on Merlin's soft  pink lips.  Felt as  good as  he  always thought would kissing Merlin.

Merlin's eyes  widen  as  the Prince  was kissing him on the mouth. Merlin didnt know what  to do. He was in  shock  and  all could do was  stay still and let  Arthur finish  kissing  him.  Why was his heart  pounding though, Merlin wondered.

Arthur   finally pulled away with  large  grin on his face. He pats Merlin's cheek." Finish your chores" He added before getting up and walking out of the room like nothing at all had just happen.

Leaveing  Merlin sitting there feeling  very  bewildered.  He  quickly gathers  himself  up      to his feet as he blushes deeply.  Not sure  if he should go after Arthur  or not.  Unsure  what he  could  do, he  just stayed there  to finish  his cleaning.    Trying to forget  the kiss, but  that  was harder then he thought  it   would   be.

Later that evening as Merlin carried  Arthur's  dinner  into Arthur's  chambers  he  sees  Arthur sitttinng  at the table.  Merlin pauses and   takes breath.  He  walks  over to the table  and  rests the tray  on the table.   "Sire"  Merlin says and bows his head.

"Merlin.." Arthur says as he looks  over to him."  Come  on dont   become  so  shy  on me now"

"  Shy? I'm never  that  shy  my lord" Merlin  smirks  as  he looks  at him.  Maybe   was best  if they didnt  speak  of  the kiss.

Arthur  snorts  as  he   glances  up  at Merlin  and his goofy grinn.  " Your  wonder   that's  what  you are Merlin"  Arthur   tells him  as he smirks    back at  his servant.

" A wonder?" Merlin sighed and  walks bit closer. He  gasps bit when Arthur graps his  blue  shirt and pulled Merlin closer. " Arthur.."

" Come on  don't deny  it" Arthur smirks as he looks  up at Merlin  happily.

"Deny what sire?"Merlin asked pretending he didn't  have clue what Arthur  meant. When he clearly knew  it  was  about the kiss from before.

" Don't be   a  idoit" Arthur smirks and  pulled Merlin down lower and kisses him again on the lips deeper then the last time.

Merlin  felt his   blue eyes  widen as the Prince  kissed him. He  could  feel his  own  heart beating wildly in his chest. This wasn't so  bad,  it felt nice. He slowly starts to  kiss  the Prince  right back.

Arthur  felt his heart beating,  he couldnt  believe  it. Merlin was fianlly  kissing him back, just like he always  wanted.  Arthur  pulled Merlin onto his  lap as he keeps  kissing  his  servant.

The Prince  felt Merlin  start to pull away and  he could help feel dispointed  when Merlin did so.

Merlin just needed to catch his breath  and he  flushes as he glances  at Arthur." Did  that just happen  " he said as he sat there  on Arthur's  lap. He felt Arthur  wrap his  arms around Merlin's thin middle.

"Yea Merlin it did" Arthur grins happily at him.

Merlin  blushes and grins back at him." Can we do it again?" He asked as he leans  close to the Prince.

" You don't even have to   ask" Arthur grins  and  presses  his lips on Merlin's mouth and kisses  him deeply  on the mouth.

Merlin could  feel his heart  pounding  happily in his chest as he kisses  Arthur back just as   deeply.
The Kiss of a Prince ~ Merlin Secret Santa gift

Secret  Santa Gift  for  :iconflyingseaweed: 

The Kiss  of  Prince

Notes: This  for  Merlin Scrert Santa  group.  This  Merthur  one-shot

Declaimer:  I dont  own  BBC Merlin.

Merry Christmas  ^_^!  Enjoy!  ^_^



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  Ive  Been rewatching  my  Zim dvds,    that put me into the mood  to rp  Invader Zim aka  ZADR.  I  don't  care  who I be.  I can   be  either, I would most likely be better at Zim. =)    We    can  plot over  notes  or  Skype. If you want my Skype  please  not me  =)
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